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Contract Address: 0x74816435f8FdA1006f21caa2cf2eb3202415f86A


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$DKL is the first sister token created in the $DFK ecosystem. We provide loans to people that need funds for any reason, but don't want to sell tokens they own to get those funds. Their tokens can now be used as collateral with Defi Kings Lending. Each loan request is carefully reviewed by a loan officer to allow for a personalized offer, while limiting risk to the project. $DKL and $DFK holders that request a loan using $DKL or $DFK as collateral will receive a 25% discount on loan fees.

Fees collected from this service are paid 50% to Defi Kings ($DFK) holders that stake, 20% to Defi Kings Lending ($DKL) holders that stake, and 30% to the lending treasury. As we wait for the market to recover, Defi Kings holders that stake will share in 70% of the lending profits!

Additionally, traditional staking pools will regularly be available for $DKL holders and will offer guaranteed APY returns between 100%-200% depending on the pool(s) the holder chooses to enter. The 20% of fees allocated to DKL staking will be deposited into the staking pools to boost APY!

Defi Kings is a legally registered business located in the United States.

Why Should You Invest in $DKL?

$DKL is a token with a much needed utility, owned by the same team as Defi Kings, making $DKL a sister project to $DFK, and the first expansion of the Defi Kings ecosystem. 

We have created a real-world service that will directly pay you a share of lending profits if you decide to stake your $DKL tokens. If you are also a $DFK token holder that has your tokens staked, you will receive your share of 50% of the lending profits we allocate to $DFK staking.  Beyond that, our traditional $DKL staking pools will offer guaranteed returns between 100-200% APY.


With $DKL, $DFK, or any other crypto investment, you need to know it's safe and will be around longer than the fly-by-night and rugged projects that come out everyday. Everything we have done is to ensure the safety of  your investment, while ultimately providing great passive income.

Defi Kings launched in a bear market and has been one of few to not only make it, but has been extremely successful, due to its mission of making the project a legitimate business. Those same principles are the driving force behind Defi Kings Lending!

KYC & Doxxed U.S.
Based Devs

Crypto is a unique space where trust and confidence are a must, yet it is rarely achieved. That's why we've done everything we can to ensure your investment is safe. Our Dev/Owner team is based in the United States and has been fully KYCed and Doxxed. Additionally, Defi Kings is a legally organized business registered in the United States.

Experienced Team

Our Devs have been around the block as investors and team members with various Crypto projects. They have learned what makes projects work and why others fail. They also have decades of combined business and marketing experience that has come together with the creation of the Defi Kings ecosystem!

External Partners

No one person or team has all the answers. That is exactly why we have partnered with some of the most respected and experienced names in Crypto to assist as advisors with $DKL and $DFK. Everything from contract creation to marketing and development.

Profit Sharing

Unlike the majority of projects in the crypto space, Defi Kings Lending is owned by true entrepreneurs that have been very successful in business, and they bring that experience to the Defi Kings ecosystem.

Because we are operating as a legitimate business, registered in the Unites States, we are creating real value in the products and services we offer, generating real revenue that is paid back to holders.

Our owners are investors just like you.  We have no team wallets. We get paid when you get paid based on the tokens we have bought. It's as simple as that. 


With the help of several trusted advisors experienced in crypto staking and utility projects, we've designed our Tokenomics so Defi Kings Lending will be a long term, successful token that rewards its diamond holders handsomely.

Our team is incentivized to stick around because they will be rewarded for doing so, but to make it safe for our investors, there is no team wallet.

The initial percentage of tokens set aside for our staking pools will guarantee traditional staking returns on top of profit sharing for years to come!

Total Supply is 10 Million $DKL

DKL Tokenomics.png

Buy & Sell Taxes


Staking Treasury







Buy/Sell Tax

An additional 5% Tax will be assessed for 24 hours after launch, all of which will go to increase the loan treasury.


Burn or Bonus


We want to make getting a loan as easy as possible, so we have set up the approval process in a way that is both quick and easy! If you or someone you know is in need of a loan, the process can be started by completing the form below. Here are some of the basics.

The loan will be funded with BUSD and MUST be repaid in BUSD.

You must have a token on BSC that can be used as collateral (we will expand to other chains as the project matures).

Loan to value ranges will be 20%-50% of the collateral's lowest value over the previous 30 days, depending on the token used.

ALL collateral must be sent to our escrow wallet to be locked and held by Defi Kings before the loan is funded. Collateral will be released and sent back to the borrower once the loan and fees have been paid in full. In the event the loan is not repaid by the agreed date and an extension has not been granted, Defi Kings will sell the collateral to recoup its loss.
The initial loan term will be 30 days with a fee of 10-20% of the loan amount depending on collateral. There is a max loan amount of 500 BUSD, which will increase as the loan treasury grows.

Loan extensions may be requested, but will be subject to an additional fee. Extensions MUST be requested and granted! They are NOT guaranteed. It is in your best interest to pay the loan back on time.

Defi Kings ($DFK) and Defi Kings Lending ($DKL) token holders will receive a 25% discount on fees if they hold a minimum of  1 BNB worth  of either token and have not sold any in the last 30 days.

Because each loan request will be analyzed for risk, each individual loan term will be provided to the borrower to accept or reject prior to funding the loan.

Fees are returned to Defi Kings (50%) and Defi Kings Lending (20%) token holders that stake. They also fund our loan treasury (30%). Since fees are collected as BUSD, we will buy $DKL tokens with those funds to boost APY in the $DKL staking pool and add massive amounts of GREEN to the $DKL chart! 


Submit Your Loan Request - Max Request Currently 500 BUSD

Your request has been received. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

KYC / Audit

It's no secret that safety and security are huge priorities for us. That's why we aim to be as transparent as possible in everything we communicate, and it's why we have doxxed ourselves. It's also the reason why Defi Kings Lending's smart contract will be audited prior to launch as we did with Defi Kings. These third-party verifiers provide a heightened level of confidence in a space that can be very sketchy. Below are links to our current KYC and Audit documents. The audit for $DKL will be added once completed.

Our Partners

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Dev / Owner Team


Mike  McClain- KYC & Doxxed, United States
My professional career is centered around management, specifically construction project management in residential development fields for the past 30 years. I got into crypto in 2016, made money, lost money, and got rugged a couple times, but along the way I learned valuable lessons, and over time became a really successful investor.
After spending time as a volunteer  staff member on a few projects and seeing so much dishonesty within the crypto space, I decided that we needed to create our own project that is 100% safe with amazing rewards and PASSIVE INCOME. With that idea DeFi Kings was born. Specifically within this project is our goal to create a steady sustainable means of passive income for our investors. With the many contacts and partnerships we have lined up, I believe we will continue to grow our community and token to greatest heights achievable. We will work tirelessly to make DeFi Kings the most lucrative and successful rewards token in crypto!!! LFG!


Chris Hughes - KYC & Doxxed, United States
My professional experience has been in several different industries over the last 20+ years. I'm a career entrepreneur that has started and successfully exited from five different businesses that I founded or co-founded, with three of them being multi-million dollar per year companies and one with over 20 million in annual revenue. My strengths are in marketing, finance, and operations.
I got into crypto in 2018, first dabbling in the more known cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and XRP. After a few years of learning how the crypto world works, I felt comfortable getting into the defi space. I've had wins and losses, learned a lot, and I've had the opportunity to be part of volunteer teams and as an advisor for newly launched tokens over the past few years. I'm most interested in rewards projects and wanted to be a part of launching a better one. One that not only rewards its holders, but also has an actual utility value. After meeting Mike, I gained the partner that could help make that a reality. After all, every great task, project or business requires a great team. We came up with the idea for Defi Kings with this in mind. Our goal is to make Defi Kings the rewards cryptocurrency of the year, every year. One that has multiple ways to distribute rewards, and ultimately, a utility that generates even more passive income for the holders! Together and with the community we , Defi Kings will be sustainable for years!

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