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Defi Kings is laser-focused on creating real-world, revenue generating products and services that pay YOU passive-income! We have already delivered so much, but our development and the ideas never stop! Below are some of the things we have already implemented and some that are currently in development. As we make progress on others, they will be added here as well.

Have a great idea for a utility/product/service that can generate revenue for our holders? Shout it out in our Telegram Group! We love to hear ideas that can make Defi Kings even better!

Big Lottery
Our brand new lottery and casino website has launched and requires ZERO gambling! Simply play for FREE and you can win real money! Our sponsors have paid for the winnings, so it's up to you to go win them and have some fun!
Scratcher tickets are live and we will be adding many new games on a regular basis to build-out a complete and engaging casino!
You can also own your very own game piece, too!
Head over to for more details and to start playing!


Use our sell-less swap for a 37.5% discount on buy tax. Our sell-less swap uses new technology to avoid having to sell $DFK tokens to pay staking rewards. In a traditional swap, when a buy or sell is made, the taxes come out as the native token and are accumulated to later be sold for the rewards tokens that are distributed. This makes the chart look less attractive and effects the price of the token. For sell transactions, the sales essentially hit the chart twice because of this. With the sell-less swap, the taxes are taken out as BNB before the buy or sell transaction is fully completed. The tax in BNB is then exchanged for the tokens being rewarded. No $DFK tokens ever have to be sold to pay rewards!
Click HERE to buy $DFK now! 

Sell-less Swap

King's Ransom is our 30 day staking feature. When you stake, you will receive
7 TIMES MORE volume based rewards than those that do not stake! Volume based rewards can be claimed on our rewards dashboard. PLUS, when you stake, you will also receive a portion of ALL revenue generated by our utilities! Revenue from utilities will be added to the staking pool at different thresholds and different times, which will be purposely unpredictable. Your best bet is to keep your tokens staked to ensure you always receive the most rewards and share of profits. Think of King's Ransom as your new residual income provider! Volume based rewards will be paid out in your choice of BNB, BUSD, ADA, XRP, ETH, or BTC. BNB is paid by the default. You can easily change your reward token and stake on our Dashboard. Profit sharing payments are paid in BUSD. When you choose to stake, your tokens will remain in your wallet, but they are LOCKED for 30 days. They cannot be sold or transferred to another wallet during that time. At the end of 30 days, your tokens will automatically be unstaked. You will need to restake to continue to receive 7 times volume-based rewards and profit sharing!

Defi Kings will be entering into the $90+ billion-dollar online gaming industry! Our gaming platform will be free to play but will offer multiple add-on purchase options, similar to some of the most popular online game networks. A few of these will include custom 3D NFT characters that can be used in games, along with several traits, skins, and custom gear. We will target our marketing to the largest gaming communities inside and outside of crypto and have partnered with some of the best game developers in the industry to create a catalog of several different games. Beyond in app purchases, additional revenue will be generated by hosting a multitude of advertising options. The platform will also provide the opportunity for us to network with other organizations to bring their characters to life and allow us to expand rapidly. We initially plan to incorporate characters from some of the largest crypto communities and will expand beyond crypto organizations as development continues. Revenue will be split between rewards to game users and to our DFK token holders that stake. This is expected to go live towards the middle of Q4 2022. Our first game will be boxing and several others are already in development as we build-out an entire gaming ecosystem!



King's Escrow is a service that allows buyers and sellers to safely conduct transactions without the potential for being scammed! With so many scammers out to get everyone, this service will be vital. Let's say you are shopping around for a product or service and the seller wants to be paid in crypto. King's Escrow will allow you to pay the seller in BUSD. Once you have come to terms with the seller and have agreed on a price, you can use King's Escrow as a third party to hold those funds until the product has been received or the service rendered. This gives the seller the confidence in knowing they will be paid when they deliver the product or service and gives the buyer the confidence in knowing they will not lose their money if the seller doesn't deliver. Once you have received what you paid for, you can release the funds to the seller. In the rare occurrence of a dispute, we will act as an arbitrator to fairly and securely resolve it, without charging any additional fees.

We will also incorporate a two-way marketplace into the escrow service, matching reputable, verified service providers with customers. Initially, this will include many services needed by users in the crypto space, including graphic design, contract and web development, marketing services, and so much more. This service will assist buyers and sellers alike, to safely facilitate transactions. We expect to release this Q2 or Q3 2023 and plan to expand it outside the crypto space where credit cards and other alternative forms of payment will be accepted, providing endless opportunities for growth.

As with everything we do, profits will be shared with those that are staking their DFK tokens. We expect this to be one of our service offerings that generates a massive amount of passive income for our holders!

Royal Bridge offers you privacy and anonymity in your cross-chain native token transactions! You can send BNB and receive ETH, all while keeping the transactions untraceable. There are many reasons why private transactions are beneficial, but the most important is to help prevent being scammed or tracked by hackers. Royal Bridge also saves you time and makes it easier to move cross-chain. No more need to send assets to a CEX to sell and then buy cross-chain, only to then have to send back to your DEX wallet. We provide you a way to remain safe with an easier way to move chain to chain. With low fees of 0.05%-1.00%, it's a no brainer! If you choose to hold and stake $DFK, you will benefit even more as fees collected from the service are sent to the staking pool! We support AVAX, BNB, CRO, ETH, Fantom and Polygon (MATIC), with plans to expand in the future!
HERE to use the Royal Bridge!

Defi Kings Lending is our loan service that allows you to request a loan without divulging any personal information if you have collateral that can be secured, such as tokens. Fees from the service will pay $DFK holders and the holders of our new sister token, Defi Kings Lending ($DKL). For complete information on this new service and the token that goes with it, click HERE!

Our merch shop is up and running with a MASSIVE amount of DFK swag! Shirts, hats, hoodies, mugs and just about anything else you'd like is available! We have several standard designs, but will also be adding limited edition designs that will ONLY be available for hours or days, so be sure to stay up to date to know when we drop them. As with all of our revenue generating services and utilities, the profits from the swag shop are distributed to our King's Ransom staking pool! To put it simply, if you stake your $DFK tokens, you share in ALL profits from anything we do! Click HERE to see our merch shop!


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