The Utility Cryptocurrency Project of The Year Is The King Of Generating Passive Income For You!

Defi Kings is one of the most unique projects in crypto! Think of it as a business that actually offers valuable services, but happens to operate in Defi, by owners that have been extremely successful in creating and building companies across several industries and markets. Our ecosystem will contain multiple utilities and sister projects that directly benefit $DFK token holders by developing real world services that increase the value of the token over time, provide passive income to all holders, and EVEN more to those that choose to stake in King's Ransom, where they get 7 TIMES more volume based rewards compared to those that do not stake! Additionally, ALL utilities and any other revenue generating service we create pays King's Ransom! You MUST stake to earn ANY profits from our utilities. Rewards are BNB by default, but you can also choose BUSD, XRP, ADA, ETH, or BTC! Check out our Diamond Hands bonus to learn how to earn FREE $DFK every two months! We've already released our King's Bridge, Swag Shop, and sell-less swap. Our P2P Lending Platform and Escrow Service are already in development, too! There are several other things we will develop, including new tokens that reward $DFK holders. Even with all that we have released and all that is coming very soon, this IS  just the beginning!

Contract Address: 0x8956692426786F16CF96922181553ef2d308de5C

Why Should You Invest in $DFK?

$DFK is a token unlike any other passive income Crypto project ever created. We are creating real-world service based utilities that will directly pay our staking pool, along with our volume based rewards. We are a movement specifically designed to give true holders the best ROI, but that's not the only reason to invest.


With $DFK, or any other crypto investment, you need to know it's safe and will be around longer than the fly-by-night and rugged projects that come out everyday. Everything we have done is to ensure the safety of  your investment, while still providing the highest passive income available. Defi Kings is here to stay, and with our future plans, it's just the beginning!

KYC & Doxxed U.S.
Based Devs

Crypto is a unique space where trust and confidence are a must, yet it is rarely achieved. That's why we've done everything we can to ensure your investment is safe. Our Dev/Owner team is based in the United States and has been fully KYCed and Doxxed.

External Partners

No one person or team has all the answers. That is exactly why we have partnered with some of the most respected and experienced names in Crypto to assist as advisors with $DFK. Everything from contract creation to marketing and development.

Experienced Team

Our Devs have been around the block as investors and team members with various Crypto projects. They have learned what makes projects work and why others fail. They also have decades of combined business and marketing experience that has come together with the creation of the $DFK token, the Crypto project of the year!

Price Stabilization

Our Smart Contract has been designed with anti-bot and anti-whale mechanisms to minimize the risk of chart manipulation and mass sell-offs. The utilities we introduce will add even more value to the token and pay you generously to hold!


With the help of several trusted advisors experienced in crypto rewards and utility projects, we've designed our Tokenomics so Defi Kings will be a long term, successful token that rewards its diamond holders handsomely.

As important as locked liquidity is, by setting enough aside to ensure proper marketing can be done and continued future development, we've prepared for what lies ahead.

Our team is incentivized to stick around because they will be rewarded for doing so, but to make it safe for our investors, there is no team wallet.

On top of that, we burnt an enormous amount of tokens at launch, a MASSIVE 51% of the total supply!

All of this put together makes  tokenomics that sets Defi Kings apart and adds value to $DFK!

Tokenomics Graph.png

Buy & Sell Taxes


Holders & King's Ransom Staking Rewards


Holders & King's Ransom Staking Rewards












Total Buy Tax


72% Of Tax Is Paid To $DFK Holders & Stakers!
PLUS, Revenue Generated From All Utilities Pays Staking!

No Wallet To Wallet Transfer Tax!

Total Sale Tax


Q1 2022
          Core team defined and assembled
​           Identify most successful rewards projects and make sure our rewards structure gives the best passive income to                     Defi Kings holders
           Start building out website
           Identify and vet marketing partners
          Create roadmap

Q2 2022
           Setup Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit
           Private sale
           Continue to build-out website
           Develop whitepaper
           Develop smart contract
           Develop King Swap
           Develop King's Ransom staking contract
           Develop staking dashboard
           Develop dashboard rewards tracker
           Develop staking platform
           Identify and vet Telegram moderators
           Deploy presale marketing campaign
           Contract Audit
           Dox of Devs
           Initiate development of Royal Bridge

           Initiate development of King's Escrow
           Initiate development of King's P2P Lending

           Whitelist presale
           Public launch on Pancakeswap
           Deploy King Swap
           Deploy King's Ransom
           Deploy dashboard rewards tracker

           Deploy post launch marketing campaign
           Initiate development of sell-less swap

Q3 2022
Ongoing marketing
Complete development and deploy sell-less swap
Complete development and deploy Royal Bridge

Complete development and deploy King's Escrow
Complete development and deploy King's P2P Lending
Identify and deploy additional marketing campaigns and influencers
Continue coming up with ideas for new utilities to add to the $DFK ecosystem and investigate their development potential

Q4 2022
Ongoing marketing
Identify and deploy additional marketing campaigns and influencers
Finalize concept and design for the next smart contract project tied to the Defi Kings ecosystem
Initial release of next smart contract project for $DFK holders to see first
Private sale of next smart contract project available exclusively to $DFK diamond holders
Public presale and launch of next smart contract project
Ongoing marketing and development

King's Ransom
King's Ransom is our 14 day staking feature. When you stake, you will receive
7 TIMES MORE volume based rewards than those that do not stake! Volume based rewards are paid automatically by our smart contract at variable times as volume permits. PLUS, when you stake, you will also receive a portion of ALL revenue generated by our utilities! Revenue from utilities will be added to the staking pool at different thresholds and different times, which will be purposely unpredictable. Your best bet is to keep your tokens staked to ensure you always receive the most rewards. Think of King's Ransom as your new residual income provider! Simply stake your $DFK tokens for 14 days and you will automatically be paid in your choice of BNB, BUSD, ADA, XRP, ETH, or BTC. It's like gaining a second paycheck, but you don't have to work for it! BNB is paid by the default. You can easily change your reward token and stake on our Dashboard. When you choose to stake, your tokens will remain in your wallet, but they are LOCKED for 14 days. They cannot be sold or transferred to another wallet during that time. At the end of 14 days, your tokens will automatically be unstaked. You will need to restake to continue to receive staking paydays!


Our sell-less swap uses new technology to avoid having to sell $DFK tokens to pay staking rewards. In a traditional swap, when a buy or sell is made, the taxes come out as the native token and are accumulated to later be sold for the rewards tokens that are distributed. This makes the chart look less attractive and effects the price of the token. For sell transactions, the sales essentially hit the chart twice because of this. With the sell-less swap, the taxes are taken out as BNB before the buy or sell transaction is fully completed. The tax in BNB is then exchanged for the tokens being rewarded. No $DFK tokens ever have to be sold to pay rewards!
Click HERE to buy $DFK now! 

Royal Bridge offers you privacy and anonymity in your cross-chain native token transactions! You can send BNB and receive ETH, all while keeping the transactions untraceable. There are many reasons why private transactions are beneficial, but the most important is to help prevent being scammed or tracked by hackers. Royal Bridge also saves you time and makes it easier to move cross-chain. No more need to send assets to a CEX to sell and then buy cross-chain, only to then have to send back to your DEX wallet. We provide you a way to remain safe with an easier way to move chain to chain. With low fees of 0.05%-1.00%, it's a no brainer! If you choose to hold and stake $DFK, you will benefit even more as fees collected from the service are sent to the staking pool! We support AVAX, BNB, CRO, ETH, Fantom and Polygon (MATIC), with plans to expand in the future!
HERE to use the Royal Bridge!

King's Escrow is a service that allows buyers and sellers to safely conduct transactions without the potential for being scammed! With so many scammers out to get everyone, this service will be vital. Let's say you are shopping around for a product or service and the seller wants to be paid in crypto. King's Escrow will allow you to pay the seller in BUSD. Once you have come to terms with the seller and have agreed on a price, you can use King's Escrow as a third party to hold those funds until the product has been received or the service rendered. This gives the seller the confidence in knowing they will be paid when they deliver the product or service and gives you the confidence in knowing you will not lose your money if the seller doesn't deliver. Once you have received what you paid for, you can release the funds to the seller. In the rare occurrence of a dispute, we will act as an arbitrator to fairly and securely resolve it, without charging any additional fees. King's Escrow will charge a fee based on the total amount you move into the escrow service, and of course, those fees get passed along to our holders utilizing our staking feature!


Need some money so you can buy into that next project or pay some bills? King's P2P Lending can help you secure a loan! If you have something of value that can be secured as collateral, you can request a loan on our platform.  If you have tokens or a valuable NFT you don't want to sell, but are willing to lock as collateral, you will be able to request a loan for the amount you need, set the price you are willing to pay the lender, and set the time you need for repayment. Anyone can come to our P2P platform and view the current requests. If they like the terms of any loan requests, they can accept, and once you receive the funds, the loan and collateral are managed by us. Need more time to pay back after you've secured the loan? You and the lender will have the chance to negotiate longer terms, but keep in mind, the original terms will not be changed if the lender doesn't agree, so always make a plan to pay back on time to avoid losing your collateral. King's P2P Lending will take a small fee for facilitating the loan, and of course, those fees will be added to the King's Ransom staking pool!


Our merch shop is up and running with a MASSIVE amount of DFK swag! Shirts, hats, hoodies, mugs and just about anything else you'd like is available! We have several standard designs, but will also be adding limited edition designs that will ONLY be available for hours or days, so be sure to stay up to date to know when we drop them. As with all of our revenue generating services and utilities, the profits from the swag shop are distributed to our King's Ransom staking pool! To put it simply, if you stake your $DFK tokens, you share in ALL profits from anything we do! Click HERE to see our merch shop!



We are creating a monster in the defi space, so it only makes sense to reward our most diamond-handed holders EVEN MORE! This is where our Diamond Handed Bonus comes in. This bonus takes 25% of all the rewards our marketing wallet earns every two months and uses it to buy back $DFK tokens. The tokens that are bought back are then distributed to our diamond holders. This will take place on the first of the month, every two months. To qualify, your $DFK tokens must be staked, your wallet must hold at least 5 billion $DFK tokens on the day the bonus is distributed, and you must NOT have sold any $DFK since the last bonus was paid out! That's it! Just another way we are rewarding you to be a true investor! Your bonus will be proportionate to the percentage of tokens you hold compared to everyone else eligible to receive it.

KYC / Audit


It's no secret that safety and security are huge priorities for us. That's why we aim to be as transparent as possible in everything we communicate, and it's why we have doxxed ourselves. It's also the reason we have already had KYC done twice and two audits done on our smart contract before we've even gotten to presale. These third-party verifiers provide a heightened level of confidence in a space that can be very sketchy. We were also honored to receive a Certificate of Compliance from Interfi Network for Blockchain Security Architecture! Below are links to our KYC and Audit documents.

Defi Kings InterFi Certificate of Compliance

Dev / Owner Team

Mike - KYC & Doxxed, United States
My professional career is centered around management, specifically construction project management in residential development fields for the past 30 years. I got into crypto in 2016, made money, lost money, and got rugged a couple times, but along the way I learned valuable lessons, and over time became a really successful investor.
After spending time as a volunteer  staff member on a few projects and seeing so much dishonesty within the crypto space, I decided that we needed to create our own project that is 100% safe with amazing rewards and PASSIVE INCOME. With that idea DeFi Kings was born. Specifically within this project is our goal to create a steady sustainable means of passive income for our investors. With the many contacts and partnerships we have lined up, I believe we will continue to grow our community and token to greatest heights achievable. We will work tirelessly to make DeFi Kings the most lucrative and successful rewards token in crypto!!! LFG!

Chris - KYC & Doxxed, United States
My professional experience has been in several different industries over the last 20+ years. I'm a career entrepreneur that has started and successfully exited from five different businesses that I founded or co-founded, with three of them being multi-million dollar per year companies and one with over 20 million in annual revenue. My strengths are in marketing, finance, and operations.
I got into crypto in 2018, first dabbling in the more known cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and XRP. After a few years of learning how the crypto world works, I felt comfortable getting into the defi space. I've had wins and losses, learned a lot, and I've had the opportunity to be part of volunteer teams and as an advisor for newly launched tokens over the past few years. I'm most interested in rewards projects and wanted to be a part of launching a better one. One that not only rewards its holders, but also has an actual utility value. After meeting Mike, I gained the partner that could help make that a reality. After all, every great task, project or business requires a great team. We came up with the idea for Defi Kings with this in mind. Our goal is to make Defi Kings the rewards cryptocurrency of the year, every year. One that has multiple ways to distribute rewards, and ultimately, a utility that generates even more passive income for the holders! Together and with the community we , Defi Kings will be sustainable for years!